Physical Therapy – Manage Pain and Get Back to Basics

Dec 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Physical Therapy for lower back pain has been around for a long time. In fact, the first recorded use of physical therapy was for the treatment of temporomandibular joint problems which involve the jaw and the neck. It was discovered that jaw disorders could be the source of severe pain and interference with daily activities of an individual. Physical therapy for back pain addresses these problems by utilizing the use of medicine balls to stretch the muscles, heat pads to reduce inflammation, electrical stimulation, and massage to stimulate and loosen up tight muscles.

Today there are several different ways to obtain therapy for back pain through using modern technology. One of the most popular is exercise equipment or physical therapy. Exercise equipment can include a stationary bike, stepper, stair climber, treadmills and elliptical trainers. These exercise machines are very useful in providing an all around workout that will help to prevent injuries, while at the same time strengthening muscles and promoting overall fitness.

Stretching exercises or yoga are also very beneficial to people who suffer from back related issues. They provide a low impact form of exercise that is very helpful to relieve stress. One of the benefits of stretching exercises is that they do not rely on any one single technique or exercise. This means that you are not stuck in a rut if you are unable to get up and move around due to pain or restrictions. The stretching of your muscles in conjunction with the use of a physical therapy exercise ball or a physical therapy chair will increase your range of motion, improve your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles for a better posture.

The use of a physical therapy chair can provide your spine with great support while you receive therapy. A good example of a physical therapy chair is a Omega Montage chair. Omega Montage chair therapy chair includes many features that are designed to give your spine optimal support. This includes seat height adjustment, tension control, armrests, backrest, lumbar support, lower back support and many more. This chair has an integrated electronic control system with which you can customize the various functions of the chair according to your own level of pain.

Another important feature of the Omega Montage chair is the presence of an electronic massage device. This device provides you with continuous physical therapy massage that increases circulation and relieves tense and tired muscles. It is capable of stimulating the release of stress hormones and endorphins and helps you relax.

Physical therapy plays a vital role in the management of one’s chronic pain. It is therefore advisable to visit a physical therapy clinic as soon as possible in case you feel that your condition has become unmanageable. This will allow you to be seen by experts who will assess and treat you according to your requirements. Physical therapy will help you regain mobility and strength and will help reduce the risk of future injuries or problems.

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