What To Do When Your Sewer Blocked

Jun 25, 2021 Uncategorized

247 Local Plumbing – In the community for the community!” Sounds like an old saying, yet it has never before been more true than in this city. Residents and businesses are constantly plowing through to find the best service possible. They do it because they have confidence in the quality of what is being delivered. They do it because it’s simply the right thing to do.

247 Local Plumbing

When you live in a bustling metropolitan area like Melbourne, chances are you will encounter several companies that offer top-notch plumbing services. But not all of them will be able to meet your needs. There will be times when calling a plumber costs more than ever – particularly when it comes to an “emergency”.

In the summertime, it’s extremely common for a plumber to come to call. The calls always go to voice mail so that the receptionist can record the information. Then the plumber will usually charge by the “callout fee” which is based on the minute of the call. We’ve heard of some companies that actually tell customers they’re charging the “callout fee” even when calling non-emergency lines. If you ever come across such a company, we highly recommend you don’t work with them.

Let’s talk about an example of why calling a plumber in the middle of a storm might be a bad idea. One evening last fall, our family had just finished dinner and we decided to use the hot water tap. It wasn’t until several hours later that we heard someone screaming on the other end. Upon further investigation, we discovered that a drain on the hot water line had backed up into the basement. Upon further inspection, we found that the hot water pipe had become blocked by some extremely hot water pressure. What’s worse, there was no exit point from the hot water pipe so all the water coming into the basement had nowhere to escape except under the pressure and flooding the basement floor.

The next day we called the local plumber again to see if he could come and take a look at the problem. He told us that he would be glad to come to the house but by then it would be late afternoon and he would be booked solid for another day. By that point it was dark outside and he wasn’t going to risk waking the next man up to come and fix the problem. He said he would talk with one of his assistants at the utility company about a way to resolve the problem. Several hours later, while we were sitting on the patio enjoying the night air, he called again to say he was going to have to come back that evening and see if there were any problems.

This time he came early and when he arrived he started to tear down the fence. While he was removing the broken pipe, he found what appeared to be a blocked sewer and the plumber told us that he could have the sewage removed that very same day. He was extremely happy to find out that it wasn’t blocked and he recommended that we follow up with highly recommendations to another highly recommendation company. When we followed up the following day, he said the sewage treatment plant was going to have to come out and take care of it. A plumber that works for a highly recommendation company told us that he never wants to deal with anything like that again.

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